Continuous Use

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Continuous Use

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Reuse is a continuous process. In my design this is represented by the oval and arrows. There are many steps along the way for a reusable object which are represented by the sides of the hexagon with the object represented in the middle.

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One question facing designers in this competition was how much they wanted to reference the existing recycling symbol in their entry. In my design, it's obvious that I wanted to create something different and here's why. As a recycling professional, I get a lot of confused questions about just what it means if a person sees the chasing arrows of the recycling symbol: in the case of receptacles, does it mean that all recyclable items can be put in; in the case of items, does it mean that they can be recycled anywhere? I felt like in designing my logo, I didn't want people to think something along the lines of,"when did they change the recycling logo." So mine is different. I hope you'll consider voting for it.

by lifeguardlarry
over 3 years ago | Reply

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